Meet the Owners…

Under the Thatch is a collection of people who really care about conservation, design and good architecture. Let us introduce a few…

Sophie & Ned, Y Bragdy

Sophie and Ned are known as the best lime and building conservation specialists in North Wales, and the work that they’ve undertaken at Plas Tirion is impeccable. They’ve organised conservation projects, taught and organised building conservation courses via their The Natural Building Centre, and been suppliers for specialist materials for years, and Sophie is a brilliant printmaker. If you stay at Y Bragdy you’ll see Sophie’s work on the textiles there, or there’s a reasonable chance you’ll meet the family as they live next door where they’re restoring one of the finest Tudor manors in Wales. DISCOVER Y BRAGDY

Griff Rhys Jones, Trehilyn

Griff Rhys Jones needs no introduction – aside from his broadcasting and television career, he’s been one of the UK’s foremost champions for historic building preservation and conservation. Griff is President of the Victorian Society, and has restored properties in London, Suffolk and Menorca – but we know him best for the 18 year project at Trehilyn on PenCaer, Strumble Head. He restored his farm with help from his whole family – designer wife Jo, architect son George, and artist daughter Catherine. If you’d like to try out a stay at Trehilyn we’ve currently a competition on to win a weekend for up to six stayingDISCOVER TREHILYN

Dorian, Bryn Eglur

Dorian Bowen moved from his family farm to work as a surveyor in London, restored a fantastic apartment right in the heart of Covent Garden, then came home to continue his design work on three properties that we’re proud to represent, all within a couple of miles of where he was born. Bryn Eglur is a museum-piece rustic gem that will take you back to 1755 when it was built. Bryncyn on the other hand is a complete contrast, with a minimalist modernist interior echoing his London work. Tŷ Unnos sits in the middle of the other two – part modern-rustic, part Japandi cool. It seems that no matter what Dorian turns his hand to, it becomes an interiors success! DISCOVER BRYNCYN

Hedydd, Ed a Carys, Tresinwen

In years of filming the traditional farms and cottages of Wales for S4C TV shows ‘Y Ty Cymreig’ and ‘Y Dref Gymreig’, the Hughes family from Tresinwen stood out as the loveliest Welsh-speaking family that we came across. The Hughes of Tresinwen are warm, honest country people who really care about keeping Pembrokeshire traditions alive. Ed achieves this through his restoration work, and Hedydd as a teacher and specialist in the Pembrokeshire ‘Tafodiaeth’ dialect. They live just next door to Hafan and Bwthyn Tresinwen, the nearest rentals to the famous lighthouse. People often assume that these cottages in spectacular locations are owned by those living miles distant, but in many cases the people who renovate and care for UTT cottages live very close by.


Lukas, Cró na Trá

Lukas, originally from the Polish mountains, moved to Donegal and restored Cro na Tra on the beach at Dooey. Lukas is a PADI / SSI scuba instructor, spends his summers working on reef conservation projects in Thailand, and is a registered seal, dolphin and whale rescuer where he now lives in North Wales. It’s no surprise he manages the beach byre as it has direct access to some of the most pristine waters you can imagine – you can snorkel there for flatfish and crabs, or if you’re lucky one of the curious seals will come over to see what you’re up to. For those who can’t make it to Donegal Lukas runs a Mermaid school and all kinds of scuba training in North Wales. Lukas is pictured here on the shore that comes with Cro na Tra with one of his mermaid students, Lucy Windsor-Jones. DISCOVER CRÓ NA TRÁ

Nancy, Y Gelli

Another owner who you’ll often find next door to her UTT is Nancy, who runs the Welsh Lavender shop next door to UTT Y Gelli in Hay on Wye. Nancy’s roots as an international journalist and husband Bill’s background as an Oxford philosopher took an about turn as they converted their Welsh sheep farm and transformed it into Wales’ first lavender farm. The project was so successful that they later purchased a couple of the oldest buildings in Hay on Wye – converting one to UTT Y Gelli, with a gift shop next door selling everything Lavender. Expect a few sprigs on the table if you stay! DISCOVER Y GELLI

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