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At Under The Thatch we try to practice what we preach – giving back to the community via restoration of ruins and cottage pricing. We are a small business and we believe in helping others to help themselves. That’s why we think the Lend with Care system is an excellent idea. We were very grateful to receive a small amount of EU grant funding, around £500 for training and specialist advice, when we first started back in 2001, so we know how much difference even a few hundred pounds and make to a fledgling business.

Through Lend With Care we have helped 87 people reach their dreams of becoming business owners, or expanding their small business into bigger, better businesses. Every time you give a small donation when you pay for your booking you are helping us help others.

To read about all of the people we have helped so far, like Bui Thi Mai who needed a loan to buy new sugar cane trees and fertiliser, you can visit our Lend With Care page

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