Our favourite ever UTT… is for sale!

We’ve built, renovated, rescued, extended perhaps a hundred buildings in half a dozen countries over the last 25 years. From time to time we sell places on to new owners to raise funds for new projects, sometimes to be homes, other times to continue as holiday lets on www.underthethatch.co.uk

Of all the projects, and locations, we have a favourite – our Sucha Gora log farm in the Babia Gora National Park in Southern Poland. You can see it at http://www.underthethatch.co.uk/suchagora

For us it has the perfect combination of location (with direct access to the National Park trails, its own section of mountain river and hay meadow), and house (with an atmosphere that hugs you as soon as you walk in).
We worked and lived in Poland for years, and this was always our favourite ‘weekender’ – easy and quick to get to from the bustle of Krakow – but it felt like a world away. It’s a special place.

These days we’re hardly ever in Poland, working instead on projects in Donegal, Ireland and busy with two young children. The house needs an owner that can visit several times a year to keep it loved – hence we’re advertising it for sale. We want it to find the right owner that appreciates it for what it is. It’d be someone that loves winter skiing (it’s at Zawoja, with multiple slopes) and summer hiking and the amazing wildlife (bears, wolves, deer, neon salamanders). It can easily more than pay for itself as a holiday rental.

If you might be interested please email greg@underthethatch.co.uk
The price for the house, the land immediately around, and the hay barn across the road with the land down to the river is  460 000 PLN (approximately £85 000) or 790 000 PLN (approximately £146,000) for the entire farm including land that you can build your own ski lodge/s on (already registered as building land).

There’s also an option to buy small lots of land which are registered for building/tourism use if you just want to build your own cabin.

Or if you fancy a project we’ve an even older log farmhouse to restore (or use for summer camping) for 150 000 PLN (approximately £28 000).
Email greg@underthethatch.co.uk

We’re not profiting on the sale given the restoration we’ve undertaken – but we do care that the place finds a kind buyer. 

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