Bungalow to beautiful

We’ve renovated homes from every period since the Tudors, but the greatest issue facing the landscape of Britain/ Ireland is what to do about the ugly houses built after 1975. They make by far the greatest impact on rural landscapes and are often entirely inappropriate for their location. Ireland and Wales are blighted by inappropriate bungalow developments.

We love a challenge, so we took on this dull bungalow, built around 1980 (when grant aid paid for it to replace a vernacular thatched farmhouse!). The appeal here was the location with direct private shorefront onto the Atlantic – if we could make the house acceptable, then we knew we’d have a house that could contribute again to its community.

We’re currently ‘mid project’ – having replaced the windows with sliding sashes, having painted the dash etc. We’re also adding a simple contemporary extension that complies with planning regulations. Just wanted to show what a difference paint and windows can make – it isn’t finished yet… but we think it’s looking better already. What do you think?

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    • Alan Cooke
    • 3rd December 2020

    Would move there in a heartbeat!

      • Bethan
      • 22nd January 2021

      Thank you!

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