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Liming and tiling at Miki’s cottage

We will have this shorefront cottage ready for summer. Today started tiling the floor and limewashing the restored gable as well as doing external window reveals. To stay in our existing Donegal cottage see

Progress at Miki’s cottage in photos

We’re renovating this former derelict cottage by the shore. Today limewashing the restored hearth…grouting the new bathroom and restoring the Mid C20 Style render and dash around the new windows.

The Coastal Carriage mini makeover – Part 2

Smart new cushions to complete the refurb at the carriage earlier this year 🙂 Couldn’t resist adding a landscape pic or two today as the walk to the carriage was spectacular in the sunshine!

Coastal Carriage gets a mini makeover ?

Down at The Coastal Carriage constructing a new sun/steamer lounger – very smart ? Sent from my iPhone 7 plus ❤

Two derelict cottages we covet

They’ve been left to rot…but we’d gladly rescue them! Stay nearby at

Lime pointing at Miki’s cottage today

Today we’re lime flush pointing the hearth wall at Miki’s cottage. This poor wall had been lost under cement and gypsum and blockwork for half a century.

Tuaisceart update in photos

Our contemporary shorefront newbuild is slowly…slowly…nearing completion! Near

Preview – Traighenna Lodge

Thatch UTT cottage launching in May 2017 – preview photos! We’re launching this thatch cottage with a contemporary extension in May 2017 (we’re currently living in it ourselves and will​​​​ move onto the next project by May). Here are some advance photos.

Preview! Luna our Shepherd’s Hut – launching April/May

We’ve designed and built a large Shepherd’s Hut that sits on the shore of a small lake, by the shore of Traighenna Bay.Launching April 2017, or May 2017 (interior is complete..just waiting for the grass to grow etc)For our existing Donegal cottage see

Rescuing a thatched outbuilding

Today we’re renovating a semi derelict thatched outbuilding near that has been letting in water for decades. The thatch has rotted to grass. We’re conserving the roof structure and all under a new tin cap. We’ve had to rebuild 25% of the roof using laths and scraw salvaged from collapsed C19 roofs.